The Concept of Distance Learning


Information technology has already advanced enough at the moment. Developing all areas including education. The field of education who formerly used the system manually. Where’s education system is still rigid and inefficient. While this can be replaced with a network of distance learning. Menngapa should distance education system. That is because the order of distance learning the efficiency of the some things, such as, funds, time, save a place to learn (not necessarily in the classroom), and also broadening social (distance education makes people in areas far apart each other getting to know and be able to exchange information and culture).

In developing Countries such as in Indonesia, education still belongs to expensive. The school does not immediately get to the area due to a large number of students, but teachers and book resources are still lacking. With distance education. The State could save the cost of education by keeping the cost of books and teachers. The book can be a learning module without having to spend resources on paper.

But given Indonesia is a country that is not yet very advanced in the field of DISTANCE EDUCATION then IT cannot be carried out efficiently. Still, have to use the traditional DISTANCE EDUCATION.

The meaning of traditional DISTANCE EDUCATION DISTANCE EDUCATION here is that has not fully used internet media or other fast connection. But using media such as CDS and other modules, then send it to the participants of DISTANCE EDUCATION. While more modern DISTANCE EDUCATION using a fast internet connection so that it is more efficient. Implementation of DISTANCE EDUCATION more rapidly and in real time.


DISTANCE EDUCATION is the distance learning, namely a dwarf in knowledge where students don’t do face-to-face with the lecturer in learning. This system is not stiff like learning as usual because the teaching here is very flexible. Doesn’t have to be in one room or a specific time. So that a student who has a focus other than study or study can work on its work. In this method, students and teachers can be a different place.

The process of learning in DISTANCE EDUCATION must be facilitated between particular media lecturer and students, for example through electronic media print materials and other media.

So this separate teaching methods among teachers and learning activities, be it separated a distance or other limitations.

DISTANCE EDUCATION philosophy & theory

Theory in DISTANCE EDUCATION can be delivered in the form of just about anything. That is not focusing on the delivery of information but also how learners digest and understand the theory.

Learners in distance learning are expected to disburse with good knowledge gained in the real world. The given material should be applied to the real world in practice in real environment learners.

A tutor in DISTANCE EDUCATION must be able to interact well with the participants his protégé, in addition to providing learning materials can also motivate his protégé participant, so that the spirit in the received learning and practice learning outcomes.

The Characteristics Of DISTANCE EDUCATION

The characteristics of distance education are the separation of the lecturers and students, whether it be separated because of the distance and physical limitations of human beings. Because of the limitations of that then the DISTANCE EDUCATION using a variety of methods that can support DISTANCE EDUCATION the continuation of. Because learners do not continue to continue to meet with tutors who teach these courses. Communication is done in DISTANCE EDUCATION preferably from two directions because if only unidirectional, be it from the professors to the students of the course, there will be no turning lead and lessons absorbed not maximum, and there is nothing to keep the mood of learners to remain on the correct place. And learners in DISTANCE EDUCATION, as well as the tutor, has to be able to make use of all the media that can support the learning process.


Distance learning should be able to facilitate the people wherever he’s been and the standards of competence to be achieved so that it can transmit their knowledge well to environmental surroundings. In the DISTANCE we are led to be independent, that is to study and develop the science of individually. And a schedule that is used should be flexible. Students are free to learn and free to determine when to access learning materials that have been provided. Learning can also be done despite not being the focus became the participants of the Syed.

A follow DISTANCE EDUCATION because technology literacy should be currently already many media types of learning and using the internet. So along with knowledge, they should use then literacy technology. And learning materials and needs, so that the fit for the needs of personal each learner.


Learning in distance education are not rigid and binding with time as other learning methods. Time It takes any flexible material can access anytime.

On distance learning, they charge on him. The learner is a center of DISTANCE EDUCATION.

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