Understanding and the nature of distance learning

Understanding and the quality of distance learning (e-learning).

Understanding, factors, and the principle of the buyer in distance learning. Distance learning as we often hear liquid that prioritizes learning self-reliance. The teacher can convey shoe materials open to learners without having direct face-to-face in a room that is the same. This kind of learning can be done at the same time or within the fruit.

The statement was reinforced by the opinions of Hamza B. Uno in his book entitled the Learning Model which States that distance learning is a teaching method in which the activity of the teaching is carried out separately from the learning activities. The events of the second separator can be either physical or nonphysical distance (2007:34). The Interest regarding physical distance, and the length of the nonphysical, i.e. conditions. Through DISTANCE EDUCATION (distance learning) also possible between teachers and learners can even place a great distance separates the fruits.

Plain it anyway, in distance learning also known the term E-Learning. Liquid e-learning delivery methods that are used within in distance learning. E-learning can be understood as delivery methods with the computer and take advantage of internet technologies and programming that allows learners to interact with the materials lesson through the chat room (space communications) for example only

In practice several essential factors must be considered for the system of education (learning) can remotely run well, i.e., attention, confident educator, experience, easy to use tools, creative use of weapons, and interaction with learners.

As has alluded to above, that distance learning allows students to take classes whenever and wherever. This will enable them to align education and training with the relationship answer and your understanding your understanding mutual, such as family and work. It also gives opportunities to learners who may not be able to learn because of time, distance or funds to participate. However to implement distance learning that we should also pay attention to the principle the principle buyers in distance learning by applies as follows:

Clear goals

  1. Relevant to the needs of
  2. The quality of education
  3. program efficiency and effectiveness
  4. effectiveness
  5. Equitable
  6. Independence
  7. Alignment
  8. sustainability

The Shortcomings and advantages of distance learning (E-Learning)

The success of distance learning which leave the obedience on a schedule as in the process of learning face-to-face is not an option that is easy for both the instructors or learners. So from that DISTANCE EDUCATION has its limitations at once excess. The following are the advantages of distance learning

  1. The availability of on-site e-moderating where educators and learners can communicate easily via the internet without being limited by time, place, distance.
  2. the learners can learn or review learning materials at any time and anywhere if necessary.
  3. If the students require additional information related to the stuff that he had learned, he can do on the internet for easy access.
  4. Good educators or learners can conduct discussions via the internet that can be followed by the number of participants that much, thus adding knowledge and insight.
  5. learners can be the focal point of teaching-learning activities because he always refers to self-contained learning for personal self-development.

However, distance learning is also inseparable from many disadvantages, among others.

  1. lack of interaction between educators and learners or even between fellow the learners themselves. The lack of this interaction can slow the formation of values in the learning process.
  2. the tendency of ignoring aspects of academic or social elements and otherwise encourage the growth of the business/commercial aspects.
  3. the issue of accuracy and speed of delivery of the module of past distance learning management to the participants in the area are often not on time, the dank room can inhibit the activity of learning.
  4. Students who did not have a high learning motivation are likely to fail.
  5. administrative support for distance learning was needed to serve the number of learners who may be very much.


Elements in distance learning

  1. Web-based distance education, among others, the following items must have a. Student activities center; as a community, web-based distance learning should be able to make this facility as a place for student activities, where students can add capabilities, read the material Lecture, seek information, and so on.
  2. the interaction within the Group; students can interact with each other to discuss the materials given to the teacher. Teachers can present in this group to provide you with a little review about the content they offer.
  3. the Student Administration System; where the students can see the information regarding student status etc.
  4. Study material and exams
  5. digital library; part of this excellent support and shape database.
  6. Material online beyond the lecture material; to support the lectures, required reading materials from other websites.

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