Advantages and disadvantages of distance learning distance learning can be beneficial

Advantages and disadvantages of distance learning distance learning can be beneficial, especially for students who are more mature and have a strong motivation to pursue successful and happy to be given the confidence in the process of studying independently. However, the success of distance learning which leave the obedience on a schedule as in the process of learning face-to-face is not an option that is easy for both the instructors or learners. The following advantages and disadvantages of distance learning:

  1. The availability of on-site e-moderating where educators and learners can communicate easily via the internet without being limited by time, place, distance.
  2. Learners can learn or review learning materials at any time and anywhere if necessary. 3. If students require additional information related to the stuff that he had learned, he can do on the internet for easy access.
  3. Good educators or learners can conduct discussions via the internet that can be followed by the number of participants that much, thus adding knowledge and insight.
  4. the Changing role of learners from the usually passive into active and more independent.

Although distance learning is also inseparable from many disadvantages, among others:

  1. lack of interaction between educators and learners or even between fellow the learners themselves. The lack of this interaction can slow the formation of values in the learning process.
  2. The tendency of ignoring aspects of academic or social elements and otherwise encourage the growth of the business/commercial aspects.
  3. process the lesson that tends toward training rather than education.
  4. Learners who do not have a high learning motivation are likely to fail.
  5. Administrative support for distance learning was needed to serve the number of learners who may be very much.

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