Implementation of the theory of Learning in distance learning (1)

A system of web-based distance learning is a meeting between the three technological development and trades, namely: distance learning, computer-education, conveyed and internet technology (internet technology).

In the beginning, “Distance learning” was first developed in the United States, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom in the mid-1800 by William Horton, Designing Web-Based Training, Wiley. In the year 1840, Sir Isac Pitman taught using remote mail. And in 1980, the International Correspondence Schools (ICS) build methods lecture “home-study courses” at the time due to factors of Security in that era. In developed countries, distance education has become a relatively popular alternative education. Training was followed by students, employees, executives, even homemakers age stairs and. Nearly half of about 3900 institutions of higher education in the United States organized a kind of distance education. Distance education is not new. Initially started with a course in writing and in the form of formal higher education shaped Open University. At the beginning of this distance education by community consider is the kind of training or alternative education class two. Still inferior to conventional education that requires the presence of the student.

In Indonesia own distance education still not increased due to the restrictions of the cultural and regulatory structures that exist. Nevertheless, the success of distance education, supported by the existence of a maximal interaction between lecturers and students, between students with different educational facilities, among other students with students, and the presence of an active education pattern in the communication.

Distance learning is a form of distance learning (DISTANCE EDUCATION) using printed modules used for correspondence and learning-based (ICT), such as television, radio, and computer and Internet. A segment of the population of students prefers learning that using different instructional media. For example: dealing with print, CD, Video, or audio components, gear telecourse, interactive TV, or the internet. Thus the teacher should know the best media that can be used by students when studying a subject matter and level of technological capability can be accessed.

Some of the products TICK which can also be used to support the activities of the learning learners such as broadcast television, cassette tape, video movies, radio broadcasts, and slides. With the help of ICT products, learners get complementary information for material that is, or they have learned.

Distance learning is a learning system that operates on the process of self-learning packages based on active learning (modules) with Combigan tutorials organized from a distance and a particular unit of time for developing knowledge and skills by the type, nature, and level of education.

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