Implementation of the theory of Learning in distance learning (2)

The Principle Of Distance Learning

A clear goal. The formulation of the goals should be clear, specific, observable, and measurable to change the behavior of learners. Relevant to their needs. Distance learning programs are related to the needs of learners, society, the world of work, or educational institution.

The quality of education. Development of the distance learning program is the effort of improving the quality of education that is the quality of the learning process which is characterized by more active learning or the quality graduates who are more productive. Efficiency and effectiveness of the program. Development of distance learning programs must consider the ability of implementation and activities of the product program. Proficiency in the use of energy-saving cover, cost, resources and time, wherever Maybe using things that are available.

Effectiveness. Pay attention to the results achieved by graduates, their impact on the program and the community Evenness. This relates to equalization and the expansion of learning opportunities, especially for those who do not have to follow formal education due to its location far away or busy at work. Self-reliance. Independence both in management, financing, any learning activity in Alignment. Alignment, what is meant here is the arrangement of various aspects such as alignment in multidisciplinary subjects. Continuity. Organization of distance learning is not incidental and temporary but developed continuously and continuously. The characteristics of distance learning (DISTANCE EDUCATION) distance learning characteristics, as follows:

Reaching out to all learners wherever located. The learning process is done independently.

Learning resource materials are developed purposefully as needed with a fixed based on the curriculum. Teaching interactions can be implemented directly in a meeting. Can also indirectly with the aid of tutor in forum tutorials. The time it right time and program.

Aims to enhance the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of learners.

Programs compiled with customized level, type, and nature education. An assessment was conducted of its own (self-evaluation) Program Forms & principle of distance learning (DISTANCE EDUCATION)

Preparation of distance learning programs pay attention to the following principles:

Aimed at improving the ability of learners by the field of skills, interests, and talents of each to be better able to develop himself.

Expanding learning opportunities and increasing the level of education of the participants. Increase efficiency in the delivery system through modular media with the help of radio education, film, video, media advocates another. Based on the needs of the field and the environmental conditions based on awareness and the desire of students and emphasize on an independent study based on self-actualization, confidently rely on the ability of its own to succeed in his studies. Developed in an integrated package and implemented integrated at the level of institutional. With consideration of the principles, then the form of remote programs can be modular learning package, program, radio broadcast or television, and multimedia programs. Distance Learning Component System

Distance learning system called open because it gives the opportunity to anyone to learn. Also, the regulations are enforced not as tightly as the conventional classroom. Students are not required to be present in the class to follow the learning process as usual. They are not obliged to follow a rigid schedule of lessons.

Learners are given the opportunity to learn appropriate characteristics, needs, talents, and his interest. Distance learning system control with the intention of enabling learners can study independently. Sometimes help from mentors, i.e., teachers and tutors. Learners learn through theory, thoughts, feelings, or works which have been poured into textbooks, modules, magazines,

newspaper, or programs (software) are presented through ICT-based media. Organization of distance learning System includes subjects, learning material development expert, and expert media learning composing and developing the curriculum. They are preparing, designing, writing, and producing learning materials.


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